About Pack 1500


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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 1500 in Brambleton, Virginia. Pack 1500 is comprised of Scouts that are Home Schooled, are from Legacy Elementary School, Creighton’s Corner Elementary School, Madison’s Trust Elementary School, Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School and local Private Schools.

The Pack meets on the third Wednesday of each month at Brambleton Middle School, and individual Dens meet regularly each month at the Den Leader’s discretion. Our Pack Executive Committee Meeting is held on the first Monday of each month and is open to our Scouts’ Parents.

The Pack Executive Committee includes:
Tim Groves, Cub Master
TBD, Ass. Cub Master
Adam Mouw, Committee Chair
Jay Shah, Asst. Committee Chair
Corey Rath, Treasurer
Mickie Joseph, Achievement Lead
Erin Henning, Secretary
Beth Saiff, Popcorn
Lauren Golding. Popcorn

Thank you,
Pack 1500 Chair

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